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Car Servicing & MOT

If your car or van is three or more years old, then you a required by law to have an annual MOT test. The MOT tester will conduct a series of checks to make sure that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition. If your car doesn’t come up to the correct standards, then a MOT certificate will not be issued. But do not worry our mechanic will solve any problems that arise during the MOT test. Ones the problem has been fixed, the test can simply be run again and your car will back on the road.

However, it is NOT the same as getting your car serviced, as the MOT test does not check general mechanical condition of your car. Although getting your vehicle serviced is not a legal requirement, it is wise to get a car or van serviced ever year. It’s very important for your safety to make sure that elements such as the braking system, suspension, lighting and other aspects of your vehicle do not let you down. At A1 Auto Base Garage our mechanic Jarek will always go through the problem at hand before any work take place.

We will always ask your permission before undertaking any repair, you will never be surprised with any hidden fees.