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Clutch Repair Dumfries – Clutch Replacement Service

The clutch is an important part of your car which can become easy worn. Probably your main experience of a clutch is just press down on the clutch pedal each time you want to shift up or down the gears, but inside there is a lot more going on than you can imagine.

Clutch plates in your car are kept together using the springs, they separate when you press down on the pedal, which enables the gears to be changed.

It is not easy to know when the clutch needs to be replaced, but there a few signs to look out for when it comes to the car’s performance that might mean you could need a clutch repair or replacement:

  • Burning smell
  • Difficulty to change the gears
  • The engine revs climb or fall of their own accord
  • A grinding noise when you change the gears

If your clutch is the problem, then we can get to work straight away to repair or replace it or we can provide you with a quotation.